Our Mission

Goal specific programming that motivates you to reach life-changing results

We make FIT happen:

Impact Fitness LLC is comprised of  two trainers/coaches who have been committed to the field for a combined 10 years. Our commitment to our clients can be seen through our willingness to continuously enhance our knowledge, improve our approach, and challenge our skills to better serve and obtain results with each individual that we impact. Through various training methodologies our success is driven by the achievements of our clients. Both mental and physical aspects of fitness are recognized and focused on when you are training with us. Fitness is a lifestyle and what it means to be fit is up to the individual. We are here to help you recognize your definition and engage in the proper training and lifestyle changes. This is not only to obtain the results you are looking for but to show you how much you can really achieve when you take steps in the right direction. From a sports performance perspective to a weight management and general health perspective, our dedication will turn your goals into achievements.


Our passion for health drives all we do

We will motivate life-changing results

Everything done has a direct effect on your personal goals

Consistently Innovating
We’re continuously striving to make your experience better with up-to-date knowledge, current trends and sound programs

Our people are our greatest asset

Impact Fitness is Personal Training at its best – We bring functional and innovative training to you.


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